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04 Sep 2018


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Review by Jerome Johnston (Cybersecurity Editor)

on 10 Oct 2012

Imagine that you are working constantly on two different computers, located in two different places, for example at home and at work. It may be required to access files from a computer when working on the other one. In this situation, you could set up a FTP server on both computers and access your files and folders using any FTP client. Unfortunately, this solution is a bit difficult to use, as you will need a FTP client in order to access your files. A much better solution for sharing your files over the Internet is to use the HFS - HTTP File Server application, a Windows program which turns your computer into an advanced file server, allowing you to access your desired files and folders from any Internet location.

After the program has been installed and launched, the user is presented with a simple and intuitive interface, in which he first needs to define the files and folders that should be shared. After sharing the desired folders, the user will need to set restrictions for each of them, being able to configure a username and password, for protecting the data from unauthorized access.

After setting up the folders and the permissions for each of them, one will need to configure the actual server and choose an IP address and a port number. Normally, these settings are automatically configured by HFS - HTTP File Server at first run, but there are situations in which the user will need to configure them manually, which may confuse first-time computer users.


It turns your PC into a powerful file server, allowing you to access your files and folders from any Internet location, just by using a web browser and without installing any additional software. Besides that, the user can define a username and password and also set restrictions for each shared folder. What's more, there are numerous options for configuring the program's functionality.


Some users may have trouble configuring the server IP address and port number. HFS - HTTP File Server allows you to turn your computer into a powerful HTTP file server in no time.

HFS - HTTP File Server


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